the extra mile in sustainability

Creative consultancy BSUR (Amsterdam, Shanghai) unveils a new, unique program for businesses that see sustainability as a major part of their strategy.

Joost Perik, co-founder:
“Climate change is beyond any doubt the most important issue facing humankind. We don’t need a slowdown of our planet’s destruction, we need acceleration of its healing. For this, BSUR introduced the term Regainability in order to continually focus on regaining our planet’s health.”

Reduction + Regeneration
Businesses, large and small, can be the most effective drivers to combat climate change. Regainability accelerates the experience with climate positive business models and energizes the workforce: people thrive when they can positively impact the planet.

New frames unlock change
Regainability is a new frame for businesses to consider their impact on climate change. It is best implemented in an agile process, away from the inherent restrictions and limitations of the main business. Historically, new frames of thinking have unlocked positive periods of innovation. By thinking about sustainability differently, companies can activate real environmental impact, and future-proof their business.

New profit zones
The program consists of 4 steps: Re-search, Re-imagine, Re-set and Re-gain. New product development is the key and turns the vision into concrete action. Each product or service is also a best case example of what the brand DNA can lead to (“be as you are”). And “worth paying more for”. Thus meaningful and ownable new profit zones are born.

Separating the heroes from the zeros
Regainability inspires actions that actually restore eco-systems and reverse climate degradation. The program helps businesses help the planet. It separates the heroes from the zeros, allowing investors, talent and consumers to back the real gains.

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