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Brand introduction

About You is a Hamburg-based online retailer that rapidly grew to No.2 in Germany. BSUR was asked to develop the campaign that would launch About You in the Netherlands and Belgium. What’s more, this campaign was to be the first time that the company would communicate their philosophy and unique take on the fashion business.

Everyone is unique and should be able to obey and dis-obey whatever fashion rules they want.

Concepting Mentality
We love how you express yourself.

We captured this radical yet inclusive spirit in an impactful campaign that truly celebrates reality. Nothing was over-staged, nobody was made to look like a star or fashionista. We portrayed people as they really are, whether they love to stand out or love to fit in. The campaign was designed to first create intrigue with an enigmatic ‘teaser’ phase for one week; before launching the brand and communicating its essence and promise.

The work took over the country. From Amsterdam to Drimmelen, About You literally embraced everyone. Following the brand’s introduction, About You became the No.1 downloaded app in the Netherlands.

Case study overview
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