Creating a radio brand and maintaining market leadership for 20 years.

Brand creation and development / Brand positioning / Design strategy / Communications

Market leader Radio 538 is known for their cheeky and controversial campaigns. Their focus lay on star DJs yet the brand had little interaction with listeners beyond the radio. Central to our solution is the visual identity we designed which is now used across all touch points to align the brand.

From the launch of the new website to interactive brand content to several commercials, we changed the way the brand works to be more inclusive to listeners. We gave meaning to the existing pay-off ‘The Beat of the Moment’ by introducing the 538 Timestamp - comprised of the logo in a digital time display. This is used to claim wow moments from popular culture. Later we re-introduced the RADIO=538 tagline originally created by BSUR in the past and one of the most memorable taglines to date in The Netherlands.

Case study overview