Brand Campaign


Already known as one of the world’s best Opticians, Specsavers wanted to demonstrate a less well known part of their business - hearing aids. For the follow up to our ‘Your favourite sound’ campaign from early 2016, we wanted to add more meaning to what the Specsavers HearCare brand stood for.


Ten percent of the Dutch population suffer from hearing problems. Yet only one-third gets help, as most people deny their loss of hearing.

Concepting mentality

The sounds of your greatest passions in life mean the most to people. They embody quality and emotion. Specsavers aims for the same quality and personal approach when providing people with their hearing aid solution.


We created a commercial in which surrounding sounds evoke a personal sentiment related to people’s passions. The atmospheric shots of a man and woman, each engrossed in what they love, are brought to life by sound, to convey the difference a hearing aid makes.


Campaign just released.

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