Transforming a Chinese OEM into a brand fit for international expansion.

Brand creation and development / Design strategy / Communications
Sengled, originally a Chinese OEM, developed its own line of smart lighting products and wanted to launch as a brand across America and Europe. Only early adopters were aware of this new range of domotica products but they were sceptical of Chinese-looking brands.
We saw the potential for Sengled to be amongst the league of global ‘concept brands’. Brands such as Apple and Sonos whose impeccable designs attract wide followings. We created a comprehensive new brand world and a suite of brand iconics (logo, packaging design, experience centre, website…) Since the launch, Wired selected Sengled to be in its ‘Top 10 Most Innovative’ at CES. Perhaps best of all, Sengled became the first smart lighting product line available in US Apple stores.
Case study overview