Experience the Exceptional

Campaigning a global brand

BSUR was asked to create the first ever global brand campaign celebrating the exceptional Princess experience. Our challenge was to find a fresh approach within the category and reach enthusiasts beyond the boat world with unique stories of quality time at sea.

True luxury lies in the experience of time more than in the possession of things.

Concepting Mentality
Knowing true quality.

Contrary to what many boat magazines communicate, yacht owners do not eat lobster and caviar daily. Challenging category clichés, we shot four images portraying people in normal situations heightened by the fact that they happen offshore on a yacht. No actors or models, just real people enjoying diverse casual and personal times. The scenes, in black and white are understated and were shot in an intimate way to make the viewer feel part of the moment. The campaign shows that you can be highly sophisticated whilst remaining down-to-earth, while at sea.

Children's book
We also developed the world’s first children's book, purposely created to be read at sea. The book features in the Father & Son ad. All proceeds are donated to The Marine Conservation Society. Available here

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Case study overview
Experience the Exceptional
Experience the Exceptional
Experience the Exceptional
Experience the Exceptional