Creating Marriott’s first global hotel experience aimed at young fun hunters.

Brand creation and development / Design strategy / Communications

Marriott International wanted to create a brand that catered to the Fun Hunter millennials. Research had revealed that the traditional Marriott brands did not appeal to their sensibilities, that they were pragmatic when it came to the price and uncompromising on the experience. Within the conventional hospitality industry, a solution would be deemed impossible. Thus, Marriott and BSUR broke existing norms to develop a revolutionary concept: Moxy.

BSUR envisioned Moxy as ‘a budget hotel with a boutique soul’ and designed its brand identity to entice and excite a new generation of travelers. We designed the hotel environment to constantly generate memorable moments catering to all five senses. At every potential touchpoint, we created experiences that called for interaction. As part of the Instagram generation, we invited guests to join and share the Moxy energy and excitement, inspiring unprecedented buzz on all social platforms and word of mouth. Since the first Moxy Hotel opened in Milan, 47 have opened in Europe, 20 in the US and 3 in Asia, in the space of 4 years.

Case study overview